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I am Tim Beaver. I started MIT Switchboard so that Mit'ers could help each other out.

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Jennifer Neely

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by K'Andrea on Sep 25, 2017

1989 Brass Rat

My Brass Rat was stolen out of my dorm room in McCormick in 1988.  Would love to wear one again.

by Joan on Oct 09, 2017

Andy Warhol - Cowboy and Indian Series

I am downsizing and would like to place several of my Warhol's in a good MIT home. General Custer, Teddy Roosevelt, and Mother and Child are in shadow boxes.  Also, 54" Stamos Infinity Series painting.  I am the original owner - over 35 years of enjoyment! Message me for details. 

by Mark on Sep 28, 2017

From 1965: The Complete M.I.T. Compendium of Raunchy Songs

All 4 volumes - about 50 pages overall - of the lyrics to the songs sang at beer blasts, dorm parties and the like.  They range from the mild to the explicit.  Starting with "Passengers will please refrain/ From flushing toilets while the train/ Is in the station, darling I love you..," the songs go to "In China They Never Eat Chile" that my wife characterizes as "Stupid, sexist stuff."  They are mimeographed typewritten sheets stapled together into 4 "Volumes."  They are certainly a part of Tech history.  Also from 1965, I am including the 23 page "Fugs' Songbook," the 4 page "Ye Burton House Raunchy Song Sheet" and a "Purity Test."  Probably they deserve to be in a time capsule but I will consider all offers.  I will mail them anywhere at actual cost.

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