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by Alisha on Nov 18, 2017

Dutch translation

Are there any native or near-native speakers who would be willing to translate a description of food allergies into Dutch? I am taking a trip to the Netherlands and though I know English is widely spoken, I would feel most confident carrying something in Dutch as my allergies are severe. Please contact me directly if you can help. Thanks!

by Julian on Nov 22, 2017

Large Cat (cougar)

Large cat, approx 170 lbs, 6'6" tip of nose to tip of tail.  Delivered to me with panther label, but in reality, a cougar based on size and face. In French style, but originally from Thailand via Batavia IL in the 1970s.  Not from Fermilab, but nearby. Excellent condition except for a small area of minor bronze disease near base of tail.  Patina is original factory work that has been waxed, and therefore softish compared to natural oxidation, but is reasonably durable.  Can be placed outdoors, but patina will change to a less striking green if that is done. Can be delivered or picked up.  Can deliver in NE area or perhaps beyond, depending on weather and amount offered.  In theory can be shipped, but the length requires an oversized crate and would be very expensive.  Will not fit in a car unless yours is a Unimog or LM002, but will fit many SUVs or  small trucks. Detailed and better images on request if serious inquiry.  Tortoiseshell cat not for sale, but illustrates relative size of the cougar.   Tail, not shown in the images, is approx 24" and serpentine.  The first image with the additional cat is very close to the true color of both the patina and the torty.  Flaws in the patina are accentuated in the photo. $2000

by Paul on Dec 05, 2017

Low Pressure Steam Consultant

34-unit condominium in Back Bay Boston could use engineering consultant RE: low pressure steam heating system—operation, maintenance, and improvement. Could be ideal for retired engineer seeking limited work. Contact Paul Konnersman (S.M. Course XV, 1967) at 781-639-0616 or

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