“Two MIT alums, Zoe and Matt, were kind enough to host me for the summer. I'll also be staying with another alum, Charles, for my first week. Thank you to all those who helped out in one way or another — I can't convey how helpful you all were. Particular thanks to Elena and Danielle from MIT Alumni Association for helping connect me!”

“Some guests turned up, we had fun and dinner :)”

“At least 21 guests showed up and we had a GREAT time! The guests said they had a great time, guests were open and friendly, and they learned a lot from one another. Some drove from Redondo Beach  and Orange County. I will post photos on the MIT So Cal Facebook and email to the guests. We have at least one get-together per month. Please send your suggestions for restaurants and other activities. For restaurants: We would like the shared dinner costs, plus tips, to be less than $20 per person; easy and free parking; easy reservation; and relatively quiet restaurants so that guests can talk and stay for 2 hours or more. Thank you!  See you soon :)”

“Thank you to my fellow MIT alumni who reached out to me after seeing my posts :) ”

“met some smart candidates!”

“We have found a volunteer! He's a member of the Class of 2017 who came to our annual "Welcome to Washingon" event. Hurray!”

“Took less than one day to get a positive response.”

“Thanks everyone for your support!  We are going to Las Vegas!!! Best regards, Gregor and the Smack Innovations team”

“I asked. Got an offer. It's perfection.”

“Thanks for all the help and feedback.  It's greatly appreciated. ”

“Christine - Staff responded on the same day.  We hope to get in touch and explore further participation possibilities!  Ani”

“Tim the Beaver got me two great leads within a day of my ASK!”

“I got productive and thoughtful counsel from Joan Horvath.  I reposted my ask in Charlene Chuang's posting, and Joan responded.  Thank you, Joan.  Best wishes and regards.”

“I've received very positive comments on the offer, but no takers. I suspect this is just a symptom of the community being new and relatively small, and the offer being somewhat focused.”